About - Shane Pickerill



Thank you for visiting my website!  Growing up in Northern Illinois I gravitated towards art at a very young age. In school I excelled in art and I won numerous awards for my art from grade school through high school. I also graduated 3rd in my class.

I was granted scholarship money to study art at Millikin University as a James Millikin Scholar due to my academic achievements in high school. I was awarded both Outstanding Freshman and Outstanding Senior Art Student for my class at Millikin.

After earning my BFA from Millikin, I was accepted into the MFA program at California Institue of the Arts based on my portfolio. During my time at Calarts, I won an internship with George Lucas Games, beating out several hundred applicants.

Upon earning my MFA degree from Calarts, I worked for 3 different architecture firms in Southern California as a 3D Artist and CAD Draftsman. After working full-time for many years, I became a design consultant. My client list included architects, theme park designers, game manufacturers, engineers, welders, and other designers.

Most recently I worked as a Show Set Designer for Universal Creative (Theme Park Design) in Orlando, Florida. I worked on a number of projects, but primarily I worked on Super Nintendo World.

I currently work as an artist, designer, and product developer. I have a licensed product in the market, in addition to many t-shirt designs in the Merch By Amazon program.

I'm rather quiet and unassuming, which is a stark contrast to my artwork. Art has always been the vehicle for me to let out the immense creativity and electricity I have inside. It's like my secret power.

I've always had a knack for creating unique, memorable artwork. People often recall my artwork after seeing it, sometimes 5, 10, or 20 years later! In a world where we are bombarded by hundreds of images on a daily basis, it's no easy feat to create images that people remember. But my artwork and designs do just that.

Innovation    Creativity    Quality    Integrity    Compassion

Energetic    Vibrant Colors    Expressive    Detailed    Layered

Willem de Kooning    Gerhard Richter    Jackson Pollack
Giorgio De Chirico    Edward Hopper    Francis Bacon